Use to ​Access WiFi Repeater Admin Setup

1  is the IP address most of the routers utilize. Your device needs to be connected to the router's Wi-Fi network via HTTP // to view the admin page when configuring the router. To modify the Login credential, SSID, and default router settings, access admin. You may visit the login page by simply putting that URL into the address bar of your preferred browser. You can also access the Wi-Fi repeater admin setup by using the default IP address. 


How to Get To the Login Page?

A sudden collapse of the login page could occur if there is a network speed or connectivity issue when you attempt to login into the default gateway to alter the network settings.

Turn on your router first. Make that your device is securely connected to the internet and that the router lights are stable and on.

How To Fix The Not Working Issue? 

You are attempting to login using an incorrect IP address or URL: One of the frequent problems is when users approach the login page but input the incorrect IP address. There are several potential areas for inaccuracy. Some of them use the login URL http//

Solution: Enter if using the URL to log in. The correct IP address is Note: Avoid using the autocomplete feature because the numbers or characters it suggests could be missing or inaccurate. Copy and paste the IP address of your router into the URL bar. You will be using the right IP address or URL to visit the login page if you do this.

Whenever a cable is absent: To enter the admin interface using the IP address on many routers, you typically need a physical connection through an Ethernet cable.  

Solution: You should be able to connect if you try reconnecting your router to the PC. 

IP Address Issue on Your Device or System: There is always a communication problem if your device's IP address is on the same sub-network as the router IP address, which causes an issue when you log in to the admin page. To enable communication, if your router's IP is, then your device's IP address must likewise start with 192.168.1. Therefore, if you are unable to log in, check the IP addresses of both of the devices.

How to Change Login Password?

is essential to regularly change login passwords in order to maintain one's security and prevent needless data thefts. We advise you to modify your login password and username as soon as you reach the admin page. The procedures for creating a new password and username are listed below.
Enter the IP address in the browser after it has opened. Make sure you entered the right numbers because entering them incorrectly could prevent you from getting to the login screen.

G o to the main settings menu, enter the new username of your choosing, and then save the settings if you also wish to change the username via WiFi repeater admin setup